Eric Paré

Hand lighting photography tutorial: The LightSpin effect

This is my second tutorial about hand lighting. Join me on my fb page to be notified when I'll release tutorials about the Jellybar, Ribbon, Iris and Solar wind effects.

I have been using this effect to create the whole LightSpin project. I used it mostly because the light gets very concentrated, so I had less problem with light spill on the walls.

Tutorial licence: CC BY-NC-SA (feel free to download the image).

Portuguese version, by Fabio Meideiros
Spanish version, by Guillermo Castellanos
If you'd like to translate this tutorial in another language, you can download the psd file. (I will handle the french version...).

Hand lightingphotography tutorial by Eric Paré: The feather light #lightpainting #handlighting #montreal



This is the effect I used to create the LightSpin project:


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