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24x360 Live: the best 360 degree pictures

18 Mar 2013

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On march 17th, we did a live 360 degree bullet time light painting shooting with a lot of creative people, and the result is stunning. This is all straight from the camera to the internet, without any human intervention, except the edition of the credits (no photoshop). My main goal was to know if we were able to deliver quality pictures on a live shooting. The pictures from the original 24x360 project were heavily retouched in Photoshop (to clean the background). So this time, I used only the light painting techniques I know that can get me a nearly-clean black background (without seeing too much the cameras)


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Many thanks to the team:
Alliebee Henna, Coralie Muroni, Daniel ManziniHoly ScarIvy Photo, Jeanne Sanchez, Jeremy Lloubes, Kathy Maguire, Les Artisans d'AzureLisa-Marie Charron, Liza Frolova, Loba la Louve, Maïté Poissant, Natalya Mitula, Timecode Lab, Tyler Korhal Traviss, Vladmir Lissouba, Yandel Bodypainter


Which one is your favorite?


See also the behind-the-scenes pictures by Ivy Photo


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