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I'll be a Guest Editor on 500px for the whole month of June!

27 May 2015

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So what does that mean? It simply means that I get to decide what goes here: The Guest Editors role is a way to make alternative photographers stand out by being featured on one of the most important section of 500px. You are not likely to find the usual half naked girl or the exagerated hdr landscape over there (which are typical of the "popular" section). If you know my work, you know that i've been involved in the light-painting community for a while, and I'll certainly feature the best ones over there. I'm also really into the "Performing Art" section, which in my opinion is very classy, respectful, clean, modern but has not high visibility on the website.

How to get featured?

Why getting featured?
The recognition is higher when being featured by a guest editor than reaching to top popular page. I had both on three occasions. Being featured has much more impact (hundreds of new followers each time). 

My daily picks

If you don't already have an account: YOU ARE MISSING THE PARTY! 500px is currently one of the best platform for photographers recognition. You can create an account here, it's free. But don't create your account until you have read the 10 tips and tricks to hack your new 500px account.

If you are already a member, please cleanup your public page. I see tons of good accounts with a poor public page (that's the one we see when we click on your name). You don't have to delete any pictures. The trick is to create albums, and classify your stuff. Once this is done, go to the "Manage photos" module, and keep only your best pictures on your public profile.

About 500px: 500px is seen as a place to gain exposure, find inspiration and connect photographers with one another. The site currently has 5 million registered users. (source: Wikipedia and 500px)

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