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Adobe Photoshop instagram takeover

07 Mar 2016

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What a cool week we had interacting with you guys at @photoshop on instagram. Kim and I have been crafting a couple of posts for Adobe and we hope it did show you an alternative way of using light-painting and that you'll start practicing right away ;)

Our takeover of the Adobe Photoshop Instagram account ends today and we invite you to participate with the #Ps_Illuminate. Check this out! and here, introducing Photoshop’s next challenge: #Ps_Illuminate. For the month of March, share your most illuminating work with #Ps_Illuminate for a chance to be featured here. We’ve enjoyed sharing our artistic universe with you guys. Traveling from desert to ocean, we mainly play with light in darkness and sunsets. Now let’s see how you play with light!

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@ericparephoto here! Working in beautiful environments like this is so inspiring and full of surprises. It took me a few years of studio work before being able to create great visuals in the wild. Now I’m addicted to that, and I especially enjoy the surprising landscapes revealed at night using long exposures.

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Playing with the giant sun while we wait for the blue hour to come. @ericparephoto: From a technical perspective, you might wonder how it’s possible to capture such a big sun. The trick is to use a telephoto lens. On this photo, I was at 600mm (300mm + 2x extender). I used to be a bird photographer, which is why I still have that kind of equipment.

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Light is Eric’s dance. Stillness is mine. Hey, it’s! From one destination to another, we have the chance to meet and shoot with inspiring local artists along the way. This image was made in the desert of Dubai, during a shoot with @baberafzal and @amrtahtawi. Baber provided the camera and editing. The #lightpainting was made by @ericparephoto.

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Align your goals with the style of life you want to have. | Photo of by @ericparephoto. The Uyuni Salt Flats of Bolivia are the most extraordinary and remote place we have visited. What’s one place you’ve traveled to that continues to give you creative inspiration?

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@ericparephoto here, taking over Photoshop’s Instagram this week with! This image is from a magical night in Mexico, photographing with our light tubes by the ocean during the blue hour. To create this kind of visual, I insert a flashlight at the base of a colored tubeguard, and simply swing it behind, triggering the camera with a remote control.

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Eric Paré combines stillness and motion for an amazing result. Submit your own bright & bold work on Instagram with #Ps_Illuminate for a chance to be featured:

Posted by Adobe Photoshop on Monday, March 14, 2016

If you ended up here trying to find info about the light-painting tubes, search no more, everything fully explained here: