Signs of Light 2019 - a travel + light-painting retrospective

Signs of Light is more or less a wrap up of strong moments in our travel lives. Kim and I have been talking about making a new edition for a while and here it is! These are moments captured in so many places of the world and even if the technique is now very mature, we still feel like we’re at the beginning of something. There are so many places to explore, so many ways to express our ideas with light…

When comes the night, it's time to animate the sky with our lights. Signs of Light is part of our nomadic art and life experience to create unique visuals. This new edition combines years of experiments with outdoors and studio light-painting. No matter whether we work with one or 120 cameras, the essence remains the same.

Since the publication of the original Signs of Light in 2016, thousands of people have started to play with the tubes, creating a new highly creative community of artists dedicated to this art form. We teach to learn and learn to teach. By sharing what we do, other members of the community come up with new ideas and tricks that are then shared back. Giving to evolve. All together.

Back then it was our first video demonstrating how to use the tubes. But over the years, we published over a hundred episodes of the Tube Stories series in which we explain in depth the technique and the various tools we use to create these images.

Harsh conditions are not necessarily something we aim for, but we certainly don’t back down when things start to get tricky. Either with snow, cold, mosquitoes or high wind, we keep pushing our limits to achieve what we have in mind.

A short film by Kim Henry & Eric Paré

Made with the help of Ian Norman, Guillermo Castellanos, Vladimir Samuel Llanos Condori, Abraham Mercado and Efren Herrera

Many thanks to all of our friends who helped us along the way.

Tools and technique: Get the tubes from here:

For reference, here’s also the 2016 edition of Signs of Light. Back then, it was our first video demonstration about the technique.

Eric Pare