Bullet-time software & hardware: getting started

Kim and I had a lot of fun last week creating this new tutorial. Our goal was to keep it under 5 minutes and keep it as basic as possible to show exactly how to get started with bullet-time with minimal equipment. Things have changed a lot over the last months as there’s no need for an external trigger anymore. Everything run through the usb cable. For DSLR cameras, you’ll still need a power cable if you don’t want to run on batteries, but for the smartphone bullet-time version, you can get away with 6 phones, one hub, one computer. Crazy huh?

This is a big step up to the previous video demo we did two years ago as so many new features are available

12 cameras roadcase (2017):

See also the smartphone edition where we mostly show the features (not a tutorial, but that shows a lot about how we use the software with Android phones)

Bullet-time photography using Android smartphones (2019):

Eric Pare