Light-painting software huge update Real-time light-painting software

We’re finally launching version 2! For the occasion, I made a bunch of videos. Check this out :)

Video transcript: is real-time light-painting software. We’re launching today version two, and this short video is about some of the features that are currently available. First of all, the main purpose of this software is to display real-time light-painting. That means that instead of creating photography, we’re making videos. It can be used in full screen for performances, or as a preview monitor for further playblack.

Speaking of playback, you can display everything in full screen in real-time, but also apply some automated editing like speeding up the time, play in reverse, or boomerang the whole animation.

Your recorded videos can be reviewed one by one from the replay, or through the gallery. Most of these modules can be accessed from a web browser, which means that you could easily put up a huge replay tv as well as a couple of sharing stations for your events.

Using a wireless remote control, you can start and stop the recording, reset the light, and pause the light from being accumulated

Some of the real-time effects are the mirrors, 4x mirrors, cross fade, and decay mode

I know you were about to ask about if the live view could be flipped so you can see yourself in the right direction, and the answer is yes, absolutely

Now what it is thing about using two cameras? This is the magical trick we’re doing to be able to capture the ambiance and the light-painting at the same time. But of course, if you’re looking to get only the light-painting, then use a single camera

Ok last thing, in a videobooth situation, you can add a countdown and a specific recording duration. On this example, we have a 3 seconds countdown and 10 seconds of automated recording. Oh and here’s an additional interesting twist. The playback can be automatically edited with subsequence to mix slow and fast animation

I couldn’t find the time to fit these elements in this video, but there are many other things available including automated watermarks, overlays, color grading, monitoring, 

And that’s it for the moment. We’ll keep adding features over the next months and until then, have fun creating with light!

Eric Pare