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Bullet-time light-painting photography with 32 cameras and a fog machine

21 Sep 2014

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So I can finally publish some of my newest bullet-time / light-painting work. This is made with my most recent equipment (32 Canon SL1and various lights. Here's "The Floating Harp" with Kim Henry. I used a led strip attached to the ceiling, and I moved it from the bottom to draw the shape. The whole process lasted a third of a second. I manually triggered the cameras using my left hand, holding the exposure for the time I required. During that time, I moved the light with my right hand. As usual, the only source of light is the one in my hand... well... this time it's a long light, but the principle stays the same :)

Technical details:

Focal: 18mm
Aperture: f/9
Shutter speed: 1/3 second
ISO: 1600
Cameras: Canon SL1 with kit lens


And more bullet-time pictures using the led strip :)






These are all from a very quick experiment with did a led strip. We did that to warm us up for the project we're working on: Little Circle. This new project has started in the studio during winter, and we continued during the summer on the road, on a trip around the world. The end result is a little film including studio scenes, timelapses and stop-motion in the desert. Release date is somewhere in 2016


See also one of the bullet-time calibration test with Damian Siqueiros.

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