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Creative photography + light-painting workshop in San Francisco

03 Jul 2015

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Workshop info

My last "mastering studio quality photography using light-painting techniques" workshop occured in San Francisco on July 29th at Adobe's HQ. I covered all of the tools and techniques I'm currently using, plus new ones that have not been published yet.


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Previous workshop recap: Mexico CityNew York City.
Upcoming workshops: Toronto September 27th
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Light-painting pictures created that night

Model: Kim Henry & Russell Preston Brown

Tools & Slides


Mastering studio quality photography using light-painting techniques

What is covered?

  • Deep understanding of properly lighting the subject in space and time
  • Preparing your model with the right breathing / posing techniques
  • Creating huge flares
  • Working with different shapes, colors and angles
  • Preparing the equipment


  • Mastering studio-quality photography by shaping the light by hand instead of using regular studio equipment (softboxes, umbrellas and strobes)
  • Creating unique visuals and expand your creativity using light-painting techniques


  • Introduction
  • One-second light-painting
    • Camera / lens / tripod / remote-control setup
    • What kind of flashlight to use
    • Presentation of the different modifier tools used
    • Preparing the model to ensure perfect stillness, resulting to very sharp pictures
    • Understanding quality of light vs ambiance light
  • Demonstration
    • Standing poses
    • Creative uses of the floor
    • Mastering huge flares
    • Testing with different angles
    • Back light-painting
  • Participants experimentations


Some of ny recent light-painting work

  • Kia and Lindsay

  • Evelyne Allard

  • Flare light-painting with Isopode

  • Light-painting with Kim Henry in Dubai

  • Light-painting at Burning Man 2013 with Diego Rodarte-Amor

  • One second light-painting with Kim Henry in Dubai

  • Sandra Bérubé

  • Light-painting on the floor with Kathy Mcguire

  • Light-painting with Liza Frovola / Ten by Fotolia

  • Light-painting in the ocean with Kim Henry. Holbox/Mexico

  • Kia and Lindsay

  • Light-painting with Kim Henry in Dubai

  • Liza Frovola

  • White and yellow ribbon light-painting photography with Jenny

  • Led strip light-painting with Kim Henry

  • Light-painting with Alexander Hille

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