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The new Fotorgear Magilight: review, samples and demonstration

07 Jan 2018

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Our tube light-painting images have inspired a lot of people to build their own version of it, especially in places where plastic tubes are not easily found. It is possible to make a tube using acetate, lamination sheets or even backing paper. Fotorgear created a complete tool that aims to reproduce our work. The built-in images include visuals that replicate the strobe mode, the feather, black lines and even the gradient created by my usual flashlight. They told me that he even put a hole on top of the Magilight so I can insert sparklers. Is this going too far?

I’m currently the only one to have this tool, and it’s still a prototype. I’ve encountered multiple bugs, but these are all software related, and they told me they're going to fix everything by the time it’s going to be released on the market. The crowdfunding campaign is starting in early January.

Disclaimer: I am not paid to create these images, but they did give me a unit for me to play with it. 

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Questions and answers

The Magilight:

Light-painting gallery:

Check out the full demonstration video:

If you ended up here trying to find info about the light-painting tubes, search no more, everything fully explained here: