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How to create striking colors using the light-painting tubes

26 Jun 2017

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I had this question from Jacob yesterday morning, and it inspired me to make a video :)

Hi, guys! Now that I've gotten my tube and flashlight, I'm wondering about colors. What's the most cost effective way to color it in camera?


Two years ago, after I found out about the tubes, I started to get super addicted but I used only colored tubes (tinted?) for a long time, especially this yellow one, which is working quite well, as you can see from the main image from Signs of Light short film.



What I explain in this new video is my actual way of making color. I work only with clear tubes in which I add white paper and a colored gel. This is the precise list of the  the tools I'm using to make the images shown at 4:23:

That being said, I've seen incredible work from the tube tribe (the group or my feature account), and many other tricks are used (most are less expensive than my solution) :

But to answer Jacob's question more precisely (the most "cost effective"), here's what I suggest:

If you ended up here trying to find info about the light-painting tubes, search no more, everything fully explained here: