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How to prepare Instagram posts in advance without the need of an external app

17 Dec 2015

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This might be a bit too simple, but I've been using this trick for a couple of months now. I usually post 3 times a day on Instagram, but I prepare most of my posts in advance. When I'm ready, I just need to press one button.

The trick is simply to prepare your post in Instagram the way you are used to do it. Once you have processed the image, added the description, hashtags and tags on the picture, go in airplane mode (long press on the power button on Android), hit the post button on Instagram, and then leave the airplane mode. Your post will hang on top of your feed and you can post it as soon as you're ready. 

This might not fit in your usual way of posting, but give it a try and let me know if this is useful for you as it is for me.

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Here's a better alternative, spotted by my friend Amr Tahtawi. It's called GRUM, and you can do real scheduled posts with it. But... this is againts Instagram TOC, so we're not sure for how long this will last.



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