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23 Mar 2016

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We're proud to release today KHAOS LP (the light-painting mashup of the short film KHAOS) as well as the first online version of of the original short movie itself, after a succesful presentation at Les Rendez-vous du Cinéma Québécois. The light-painting part has been all shot in one crazy night at my studio with 32 cameras and an acrylic plate. Everything is lit by hand in one second. The stop-motion is created one frame at a time by carefully changing pose by about one inch between each shot. I managed to completley disapear by wearing my black ninja costume.

The 360 degree stop-motion technique I'm doing is fully explained in my short documentary LightSpin.


The paths of Nicholas, Judith and Clara cross accidentally inside a hotel room. A no man’s land which is the gateway to another dimension. The darker side of the psyche , this dimension is where subconscious nightmares and fantasies become real.

KHAOS LP credits:

Project director - Kays Mejri
360° bullet-time light-paintingEric Paré
Video editor - Ange Amargier
Actors - Julian Fiset, Melissa Paulson, Hannah Dorozio
Original soundtrack - Anonspeak
Art director - Jessica Surendorff

Created in Montreal

Full image presskit:


About KHAOS Short film



"The disordered formless matter supposed to have existed before the ordered universe."

The subject matter of the project deals with the themes of truth and illusion, and how one can react when they feel that they are just another cog in the system: do they try to fight the system in an impossible fight? or do they turn a blind eye and take on the mantra ‘ignorance is bliss’?
Our goal is to present these themes in a way that is provocative, beautiful, mysterious and shocking at the same time to encourage critical discourse. We can achieve this making our themes apparent, but allowing the narrative to be open to interpretation. We can create an ‘open’ narrative by incorporating metaphors and motifs that allow the audience to find their own meaning - it is up to the viewer to decode the symbols. 

Keeping all these themes in mind; illusions, manipulation and existential struggles - it is only fitting to create a film which personifies a feeling of chaos, and how some things in life feel like they are totally out of our control.

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