Light-painting, Bullet-time & video softwares

Building softwares is a big part of my business and I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by the best developers our there. With my team, we brought to life the following softwares, and also provide custom solutions for multi-camera, light-painting, real-time video processing, etc.

Xangle Camera Server -

Xangle Camera Server is a bullet-time / photogrammetry camera control / capture software that includes more features than you can ever dream of: supports up to 250 DSLR / Android phones, 1ms trigger accuracy across all cameras, centralized settings control, web based modules, scalable architecture, RAW mode shooting, interval triggering, green-screen add-on, sharing & replay stations, multiple branding options (watermarks, intro, outro, soundtracks, overlays, animation), color grading, offline mode, digital calibration, etc.

Links: - is a real-time light-painting software used for videobooths, live performances, education and content creation. It generates light-painting animations from any source of light.



XangleVideo is a real-time video capture software created for photobooth / videobooth companies looking for a higher quality result. Using this solution, two 1080p feeds can be captured at the same time using DSLRs and replayed/shared with various effects.


We’ve also been involved with various custom projects for the medical, entertainment and film production industries. Drop us an email to start exploring options for your multi-camera project: