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Light-painting workshop in Mexico City

14 May 2015

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Workshop info

My last light-painting workshop was in Mexico City on April 29. I covered all of the tools and techniques I'm currently using, plus new ones that have not been published yet.

Give away

Sponsonrs / collaborators

A very special thank you to David Roldan and his team at New World Monkeys for the studio and the way you guys made everyone feel confortable.

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It's a wrap

He're what happened during that night of demonstration and creation

Demonstration of the White Feather light-painting tool


As we speak my dear #artistsfriends @ericparephoto and are giving a workshop of #lightpainting in #MexicoCity!!!!! #applauses :) BIG THANK YOU to @davidroldan01 from for letting us use his dark room at his headquarters in #ColCondesa to give this #photograph y workshop!!!! GRACIAS!!!!!!!!!! #sharingiscaring

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Venimos a conocer el trabajo de light painting y stop motion de @ericparephoto el cual visita nuestro país #lightpainting #stopmotion #animation #visualalchemist #experimental #mexicocity #photography

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Thank you @jasondpage_lightpainter for the @lightpaintingbrushes giveaway for my #lightpainting workshop in #mexicodf. Jason!!! You sent me too many things, now i'll have to make 2 gifts for the students :::))

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A few quickly processed images created that evening


Mastering studio quality photography using light-painting techniques

What is covered?

  • Deep understanding of properly lighting the subject in space and time
  • Preparing your model with the right breathing / posing techniques
  • Creating huge flares
  • Working with different shapes, colors and angles
  • Preparing the equipment
  • Post-processing


  • Mastering studio-quality photography by shaping the light by hand instead of using regular studio equipment (softboxes, umbrellas and strobes)
  • Creating unique visuals and expand your creativity using light-painting techniques


  • Introduction
  • One-second light-painting
    • Camera / lens / tripod / remote-control setup
    • What kind of flashlight to use
    • Presentation of the different modifier tools used
    • Preparing the model to ensure perfect stillness, resulting to very sharp pictures
    • Understanding quality of light vs ambiance light
  • Demonstration
    • Standing poses
    • Creative uses of the floor
    • Mastering huge flares
    • Testing with different angles
    • Back light-painting
  • Participants experimentations
  • Post-processing using photoshop (will be continued on session 2 depending on remaining time)


  • Don’t bring your camera. A Canon 5d3 + Zeiss lens will be used, and files will be shared on a dropbox folder after the workshop.
  • Wear black clothing

Some of ny recent light-painting studio work

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