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Liquid bodies - 3d-scan photogrammery

12 Apr 2018

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I’ve been doing multi-camera work since 2011 but has it always been about aligning cameras side by side to create bullet-time videos. A year ago, we started doing 3d scan (photogrammetry) using the same technology. This step was obvious for us as we already had tons of DSLR cameras (230 to this day!) and the proper software (Xangle Camera Server) to accomplish this. The experience is not as fluid as bullet-time as we can’t see the final output right away (generating a 3d model takes such a long time), but the creative possibilities using the final images are limitless.

I love to document my projects, and I’ve been doing this since 2013 (LightSpin Documentary), but for the past year, all of our 3d projects were private (gaming companies) or subcontracted and we were not allowed to show anything. When SHED contacted us for this one, I was super excited about the whole concept and the fact that it would be shown in a large screen (at la Place des Arts in Montréal). So the idea was to take a single 3d scan of each member of the Jury of the Créa to create a cool dynamic video. And the result is amazing:



Now a bit of tech candies. On this one, we used 155 Canon SL1 (we upgraded to 175 last week), and triggered using a tablet. As you can see from the video below, Christian is using a walkie-talkie as the talent is in another room. That is simply to indicate the countdown (yeah, we could automate this with a digital voice… one day!). It takes a few seconds to get the dual-frame preview (we chose which frames we want to preview from the software settings). Then it takes about a minute to get all of the RAW files. A set of images is about 5Gb. In the video below, you’ll first see the scanning session at our studio, then the editing at SHED, and finally, the final video as shown during the CREA event.



About the project (in french)

More about our 3d-scan studio:

--- Credits ---

Tech: Christian Dion,  Andres De La Rosa, Eric Paré,  Kim Heny
Software: Laurent Siroën, Valentin Lecorps
Video: Guillermo Castellanos, Guillaume Latrompette

Creative Director: Gabriel Grenier
Motion Designer: Eloi Forest
FX Artist: Hakim Harrouche
Motion TD: Éric Pouliot
Modeling: Michael Coutu, Lia Cécile Roussel-Dupré
Textures: Sabrina Denault
Procucer: Audrey Blackburn
Executive Producer: Renaud Cote

Conception: Dominique Bulmer, Marie-Ève Best, Julien Hérisson
Production: Ève Mathieu, Jill Edmons

Merci à Infopresse, Bleublancrouge et SHED

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