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LivePx is an open-source (GPL3) javascript high performance jpg player used to display images for multiple purposes. It is optimized for HTML5 browser (Canvas element) but is also working on older browser such as IE8 (auto fall back to IMG element).

Various application can be found but it is mainly design to display bullet-time photography. 

Try the demos in the links below. The light version player would be perfect to display preset sequences with all the basic controls and settings of a video player while the extended player offer more controls when working on stop-motion sequence edition and frame recording capabilities. Due to the 35Mb images sample of the extended version player be patient while loading.

This player has been built for our own needs, and we provide it as/is in a open-source bundle. Service plans can be purchased (see bottom of the page).

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Support plans

General support service - software usage assistance, general knowledge or knowledgebase-level questions, and known errors. Including initial troubleshooting, bug confirmation, information gathering, and identifying underlying problems. Starting at 50$/month

Developer Support service - Provides code-level resolutions to critical problems, which may result in a patch or hot-fix for the software in use, or escalation of an issue into an upcoming release. Starting at 150$/month