eric paré

One year making light-painting

25 Oct 2013

*** NEW Youtube channel: ***

So I have been doing serious light-painting for a year now, lucky me! Things got crazy since the release of 24x360: a video collaboration with Timecode Lab and Patrick Rochon. Since then, I had the chance to be published on hundreds of website, and got millions of views across my pictures/videos. Thumbs up to everyone involved in my projects, and thank you to keep sharing my pictures :::)

Photo credits:
Scotty Dont; Virginie Ivy Dubé-Ménard / Daniel Manzini; Anne T. / Coraly Mouralian; Marie-Line Migneault / Manon Palardy; Jeanne Sanchez; Liza Frolova, Daniel Manzini, Alliebee Henna, Lisa-Marie Charron; Vladmir Lissouba, Daniel Manzini, Alliebee Henna; Christelle; Renee Robyn

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If you ended up here trying to find info about the light-painting tubes, search no more, everything is explained here in full details: