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Outdoors light-painting in Dubai

09 Dec 2015

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Kim and I are just back from our visit in Dubai and I think that trip was a turning point for us. Travelling with the tubes is quite amazing and can be performed in many different kind of places. And especially in Dubai, we can get the most awesome cityscapes in the world, and then drive 20 minutes to get deep in the desert. If you're new to this kind of light-painting, check out the previous coverage on either DIY Photography, PetaPixel or 500px.

Thanks a lot to all the new fabulous friends we have made over there:

Prakash Kumar Singh
Anushka Eranga
Amr Tahtawi
Baber Afzal
Rustam Azmi
Munzir Khan
... and so many more :)

Behind the scenes picture by Amr Tahtawi

Kim wrote this story that has been published first on

I have to say that one of the most memorable light-painting shoots we’ve been on happened just a few days ago. We were in Dubai to give 2 workshops, and we wanted to do some light painting shoots in the desert. I’ve been shooting with my light painting technique outside before, but I didn’t have a lot of opportunity to shoot at night during my trip around the world with Kim. With this trip, I didn’t want to miss out the chance to play outside with the tubes, my most recent tool.

For our third night of shooting in the desert, we headed to the desert with new landscape photographer friends. One of which we met during the workshop and another one we knew through social media.

It was holiday, so many people had the same idea as we did… There were a lot of people parked along the road, going to the desert for the sunset.

We decided to search for another place, off-road, much further than the previous one. We went as deep with the 4×4 as the nature allowed us to go.

Then we took our gear and walked until we were surrounded by nothing else than dunes. Once the sun was set, we set up our cameras for some light painting. The photographer that didn’t know about light painting was a little bit hesitant to participate.

That was not “his thing” I could feel it. Later he told us that he had not a good perception of what light painting was, or could be, before that night. I insisted a bit and he got ready.

Once we did the first picture, the sound of enthusiasm and surprise coming from them was unanimous. They sounded like kids whom just got an amazing gift.

We went on for at least two hours, playing with creativity and enjoying the magic of good company in the middle of nowhere. So what was so special about that night?

The awesomeness of the location, obviously, but mostly the exchange and the collaboration between the artists during the whole shoot. It brought us somewhere we probably wouldn’t have gone otherwise.

We were trying to follow our footsteps on our way back, but we rapidly found out that the wind had blown them away and that we were actually following some animal steps… Yes. Kind of deer steps in the desert. We definitely could have got lost on the way back to the car, if it wasn’t for the fact that I pined point the car location with my gps (that would have been another funny story).

If you ended up here trying to find info about the light-painting tubes, search no more, everything fully explained here: