eric paré


05 Sep 2017

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Created from a single light-painting image captured using 26 cameras. 

PanicBall is made of light. PanicBall is bouncing. It is zooming, sliding and fading. But it’s never stretching. Except once. PanicBall is not a project. PanicBall has never existed. You are not seeing it. Not now, and not for the first time. It’s been there forever. PanicBall is tied to your dreams. PanicBall is something to laugh about. You don’t know what it is. PanicBall is never very far when you mention it’s name. It feels your destiny. PanicBall knows the future. It is conscious of what you are. It is aware of what it is. PanicBall is nothing at all. PanicBall is everything. 

Made with the help of Kim Henry, Laurent Siroën, Christian Dion, Matthias Thomas-Lamotte & Andres De la Rosa. 
Special thanks to Patrick Rochon for the tool and constant inspiration.

Soundtrack: Panic Song izo by Light Whales

More about my light-painting & bullet-time work: @ericparephoto & @theXangle



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