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Revisiting the LightSpin effect, one year later

22 Oct 2014

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One year after the creation of LightSpin, Kim and I met to talk about upcoming projects, and we did a quick test just to make sure we were still able to master the same stop-motion / light-painting technique. It turned out to be even better, simply because we both gain good experience. Look at the precision of her movement on this sequence and then compare to the original LightSpin. This sample is made by using only one camera. 

Following a couple of test sessions, we started this new project called LittleCircle, which is, obviously, another dance project, but mixes shots in the studio using my most recent kit (32 Canon dslrs), and dance time-lapse sequences. 

Picture above: Kim Henry in the first stop of a long journey around the globe for dance film project Little Circle. Queensland, Australia.


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