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Sunset time-lapse in Holbox, Mexico

05 Jul 2015

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This is a typical scene of us after a very long timelapse sequence. This one lasted 25 minutes (1600 pictures) and we got perfect alignment of the sun sinking behind Kim in a diagonal. Probably one of the best of this kind we have so far for our dance project Little Circle. 

After 25 minutes without moving, Kim gets in a very deep and relaxed mood, and it can take a while before she comes back to reality. So I usually simply join her and wait for her to be ready to express what she felt, what she experienced.  For me it's a bit more active as I have to make sure the main camera is shooting correctly (exposure ramping, unwanted things that gets in the frame...), and as the tripod is in the water, I make sure the tide is not getting too high. I also move around with a second camera to get different angles for single shots.

We did our first experiments with that technique a year ago in Montreal when we were preparing ourselves for our first trip together. We did that kind of human-timelapses (not sure how to call this yet) in many countries.

**Update. While walking today, we talked about that moment. I recorded the conversation, and here's what came from her:

"It's like meditation. I get in a state of calm that is so clear, so sharp, always scanning my inner self to be sure that I did not changed any tension, and that I am still motionless. I keep being very consious of myself but at the same time, everything that surrounds me starts to get more importance than usual. The sound of the waves, the wind, the birds. At a point, after so many long minutes, I come to a state of mind where I feel I could continue for hours. "

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