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Creating stop-motion light-painting in India for The Dewarists / MTV

07 Nov 2013

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As awesome as it sounds, I had the absolute extraordinary chance to be invited in India to be part of a collaboration between a musician and a visual artist. The Dewarists is a very inspiring show and is presented at a prime time on MTV India. I was in charge of the visuals for the music video "Suspended", and we even got chosen to be featured as the first episode of the season 3. The collaboration have been made with Monica Dogra and Prashant Mistry (Engine Earz) and myself. The whole episode has been filmed in the Himalayas during four lovely days of October 2013.

This is the full episode, followed by the stop-motion / light-painting work I did with Monica




Behind the scenes Pictures

(picture by Marie-Line Migneault)



Our season premiere raises its curtains in the snow-capped mountains of Manali, where our collaborators Eric Pare, a light painter and visual artist from Montreal, Canada Prashant Mistry, a multi-instrumentalist and founder of Engine-Earz Experiment and Monica Dogra, the vocalist from indie rock duo Shaa'ir + Func. The collaboration explores the theme of duality. While Monica and Prashant explore the various musical possibilities, Eric and his assistant Marie work on incorporating light patterns with the music to create a multi-sensory experience that pushes the envelope of how these mediums have sought confluence in the past.


See additionnal pictures and download song on  The Dewarists website.


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