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Talking about LightSpin on Galileo / ProSieben TV show

26 Jan 2014

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So I spoke with my awesome dubbed german voice for a 2 milion people audience on Galileo TV show (ProSieben station) to talk a little bit about my project LightSpin and also about bullet-time technique. The original post can be found here. Thank you for pronouncing my name correctly ::)

Models/dancers/friends (in order of appearance) 

  1. Alexandre Morin
  2. Simon-Xavier Lefebvre
  3. Leon Kupferschmid
  4. Esther Rousseau-morin
  5. Jenny Du
  6. Geneviève Borne (Light-painting by Patrick Rochon)
  7. Fannie Hunter (Body-painting by Yandel)
  8. Sanchia Rooker (Light-painting by Patrick Rochon)
  9. Marie-Line Migneault


And that's the project I'm talking about (LightSpin Documentary film)


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