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The 24x360 Project: one year later

12 Dec 2013

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Bullet-time light-painting in Montreal

Yay! We're celebrating today the first year anniversary of the release of 24x360, the first 360-degree light-painting video ever released. The public and media answer had been very great, and this collaboration totally got us inspired to go much further on our projects. Some of the highlights are the publication on PetaPixelFStoppersFubizCNETThe Creators ProjectSLR Lounge, and having been staff picked by Vimeo. We also reached 1.3M page view on 24x360 website, and 170k plays on Vimeo.

Patrick Rochon and I have been shooting in a black studio with 24 cameras in Montreal, from September to November 2012 for the release of that project, in collaboration with Timecode Lab.

Eric Paré and Patrick Rochon
Eric Paré and Patrick Rochon. Picture taken by Stéphane Hoareau 

Eric Paré and Patrick Rochon
24 cameras bullet-time array

And the video:

Big thumbs up for the absolute crazy team behind this: Nicolas Foisy, Stéphane Hoareau, David Gaudet, Jeremy Lloubes, Alexandre Michel, Jean-François Sarrazin
Models & artists : Joanie Darveau, Christelle, Viviane Audet, Mélodie Lamoureux, Yandel bodypainter, Fannie Hunter, Juliet Bayer, Coralie Muroni, Marie-Line Migneault, Jenny, Artemis, Ariane, Geneviève Borne, Sanchia Rooker, Jacinthe Amyot, Duo Evelyne Shannon,
Post processing : Ahmed Ismael, Diana Nikolova, Marie-Pierre Provencher, Nguyen Van An, Jeff Malo



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