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03 Jun 2017

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A while ago, I kept having the same questions over and over about my light-painting tricks. I decided to create a Facebook Group to centralize my answers and to build some sort of one-stop place with all of the info and discussions about the techniques. Fast forward 18 months later, 9000 people are in the group and mostly everything is about the tubes. The tubes are super popular. Hundreds of people have experimented light-painting with those. I'm giving away all of my tricks, and help the new members by answering their questions.

Then I got curious about the total tube length we cover with all of us together, so I asked the group. Here's the answer.

That is right, we cover one kilometer with all of our tubes combined together! I was also surprised to discover that people in 47 countries have done tube light-painting. 

By the time we did that trip and did the editing, we climbed to 12000 members. This is now a rich community of creators where many ideas are exchanged and new tricks are brought by the members. At this point, I might have learned more from them than they learned from me.

Sharing knowledge is very rewarding, and I'm super thankful for what that group is today. This is currently by far the best place where I love to interact with people online. I've been told many times that I shouldn't give away my secrets as people are going to copy what I do. I don't feel things that way. People are not copying my images. They are making them evolve. 

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