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Tube Stories 04 - Experimenting with color sparklers

18 Jun 2017

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Kim and I have been using birthday sparklers on top of the tubes for over a year now. On our last trip to USA, we went to a fireworks store and bought a few different kinds just to try out and see what kind of magic it could create. The "Color Wire Sparklers" have been a total revelation. The color comes from the smoke, but this is not really visible. What's interesting is the length of the sparkles it creates. 

For the first time, we had the opportunity to try out these color sparklers in decent conditions, meaning no rain, no snow, no crazy wind. And the result is spectacular. Here's the behind the scenes video:


If you're not familiar with our light-painting tube work, check out this video we made last year where it shows a bit more about the technique. For these specific shots, we used a Clear T12 Tube with a Rosco 111 white filter (you can use baking paper) and an orange gel (Rosco 21). The color sparklers look just like a regular one, and you simply need to put it on top of the tube using elastics or tape. The flashlights I used are my usual Eagletac D25LC2.



And the result is this:


These kind of sparklers are not even legal in Canada, but you can find them easily in Nevada and New Mexico.

It's not easy to light up the sparklers when shooting outdoors. We found a solution by using a wind-proof lighter (which can be found at walmart and some truck stop stations)

And of course, as usual, please be extremely careful when playing with fire :)



If you ended up here trying to find info about the light-painting tubes, search no more, everything fully explained here: