eric paré


I play with light, space and time through light-painting, bullet-time and stop-motion techniques to create a unique animated photography signature. Everything I do is lit by hand, one frame at a time.

"Visual artist Eric Paré toys with the concepts of time, light, and space with his signature light photography. Each enchanting image is expertly brought to life through long exposure. Paré’s portfolio showcases a bewitching collection of images that explore the delicate beauty of the human body hypnotically paired with light and movement."
- My Modern Met

"Eric has taken light painting to the next level, combining stunning locations, the human form and bright streaks of light to create fantasy style images that are hard to believe. Continuously evolving technique and pushing the boundaries of his photos, we think the sky isn't even the limit for this creative photographer."
- Canon Canada

"Eric Pare is one of the most recognizable light painting artists at the moment. His 360 bullet time light painting and his tube techniques have been having a tremendous response for people not previously aware of light painting."

While having the dream life by traveling with light and a plastic tube, Eric Paré has managed to build a ten thousand members learning community all related to his light-painting technique while growing his 360-degree bullet-time photography company. His work has been featured on CNN, MTV, BBC, Vice, TEDx, and he has recently worked on large scale campaigns with Adobe, HP, Intel, Facebook, Canon and Microsoft. He does also conferences, workshops and brand collaborations.

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